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Campaigns and activities

We produce leaflets and other publications, provide speakers for schools and other forums, as we believe necessary or are requested. We organise petitions and demonstrations.

Some of our significant actions are taken in conjunction with other peace groups, locally, nationally and internationally. These include such events as the Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemorations each year. We organise peace-related conferences and actions from time to time, sometimes in conjunction with other interested groups.

APC initiated the campaign in Australia for the Conversion of Military Industry to more environmentally friendly and sustainable production.  Our campaign is aimed at taking Australia out of the arms export industry without workers losing their jobs. The aim is to utilise the specialist skills and equipment in other, more positive production.

Any peace organisation in the modern world must be concerned with the threat to all of us posed by nuclear weapons, wherever they are.   

The APC condemns unreservedly all forms of terrorism, and all acts of violence that place either political, financial or religious objectives over human life.

A major global campaign is on to ban Landmines, which go on killing and maiming mostly innocent civilians decades after the conflicts they were used in are over.

Peace issues cannot be dealt with in isolation:  there are linkages between issues of peace, poverty, human rights and the environment. 


The Ron Gray Human Rights Foundation
has now used up all it's funds and closed.