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Conversion of military industry

APC believes that we need military forces to protect Australia, but that we shouldn't be in the business of participating in the international arms trade.

The Australian government wanted to expand its armaments sales by exports rather than just producing what our own armed forces require.

Conversion aims to find jobs in other industries for armaments workers.

There has been trade union involvement in lobbying the ALP to make conversion part of policy.

COAT Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

Interested in the role the U.S. military and CIA have played in waging wars and imposing regime changes in the Middle East and North Africa? If so, then check out the online issue of Press for Conversion! which details about two dozen of the most blatant examples of U.S. invasions, interventions and covert operations in that region during the past 60 years.

Issue 51 Press for Conversion! published quarterly by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, a coalition of NGO's and others across Canada.

These articles can be downloaded from the above issue in pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

1. "The U.S. Role in Wars and Regime Changes in the Middle East and North Africa since World War II" Curious George asks: Why the "Vitriolic Hatred for America?"
2. 1941-1946, Saudi Arabia: The Making of a U.S. Colony 

3. The Arabian-American love affair
4. 1941-1951, Iran: Making "Sheeps' Eyes" at Anglo Oil
5. "Running Iran" and Running out the Brits
6. 1942-1952, Egpyt: Nasser's Nazis and the CIA
7. Nasser, the "Moslem Billy Graham"
8. 1947-1948, Palestine: The Creation of Israel
9. 1948-1949: The First Arab-Israeli War
10. Czech and U.S. Support for Israel
11. 1949-1958, Syria: Early Experiments in Covert Action
12. 1953, Iran: Replacing Mossadegh with the Shah
13. 1953-1956, Egypt: The Suez Crisis - Britain's Last Gasp
14. 1957-1958, Lebanon: Send in the Marines!
15. 1958-1963, Iraq: Revolution and the US Response
16. Kassem the Reformer
17. Saddam's Early Role as a CIA Hitman
18. Saddam used CIA Death Lists to Target Leftists
19. 1961-1966, Algeria: Plotting Against de Gaulle
20. 1967, Israel: Defeating the Arabs in Six Days
21. 1969-1972, Libya: America's New Ally, Colonel Qaddafi
22. 1972-1975, Iraq: The Fine Art of Betraying Kurds
23. 1976-1983, Lebanon: Another CIA President in Lebanon
24. Bombing Lebanese Villages
25. 1980-1988, Iran-Iraq: Helping Both Sides Lose the War
26. 1979-1988, Iraq: Supporting Saddam's War
27. 1980-1986, Iran: Supporting Khomeini's War
28. The October Surprise
29. Iran-Contragate
30. 1981-1986, Libya: Tweaking Qaddafi's Nose
31. Qaddafi's Real Sins
32. 1991, Iraq: It Wasn't a War it was "a Turkey Shoot"
33. Colin Powell, the Moderate?
34. Weapons / Casualties
35. 1991-2003, Iraq: The War Between the Bushes
36. 2003, Iraq: The Man Who would be King
37. A Little-Read Book: Quotations from Chairman Garner
38. U.S. Terror Expert, Paul Bremer, Takes Over Iraq

Also includes VANA Update (newsletter of Canada's Veterans Against Nuclear Arms):
Signs of the Times
Outrage Spreads in Arab World
Eminent German Historians Predict U.S. defeat
Pentagon calls for "usable" N-weapons
Senate Committee Agrees to Lift Ban on Small-Scale Nukes
Using UN Resolution 377: "Uniting For Peace"
Stop the War Now!
Hyogo Council Against A & H Bombs, Kobe, Japan
Following the Bombs: Eyewitness in Baghdad
Military Integration Undermines Canada's Anti-War Position
Who Says Canada's Not at War?

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