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'On a Paper Crane' Teaching Kit

'On a Paper Crane' is a gently told, animated story of Sadako, the girl who was told that if she could make 1000 paper cranes she would survive the leukaemia which she contracted as a result of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.

The film presents children with a positive view as to the possibility of achieving a peaceful and cooperative world.

Kit contains:

  • DVD 'On A Paper Crane' (28 mins)
  • Compact Disc -- Japanese song & music
  • Information booklet related to the video
  • Printed materials in English and Japanese
  • Printed music score of Hiroshima Songs
  • Paper Cranes, folded by Japanese children
  • Instructions for folding paper cranes

Available for $A20.00 incl. p&p within Australia. Overseas cost available on request.

The Kit is particularly useful for upper primary & lower secondary level Japanese language classes, although the video is in English language and is excellent for all Humanities classes.

Buy a copy for your local school and/or library; or ask them to buy a copy.

The $20:00 price of the 'On A Paper Crane' Teaching Kit includes post and packing (this is the cost within Australia - overseas cost is available on request.) This charge covers production costs and p&p only.

Make cheque payable to APC and send, with your name and address, to:

Australian Peace Committee, PO Box 10339, Adelaide Business Centre, SA 5000, Australia
Phone (08) 8410 0303 Fax (08) 8410 3784

ABN : 70 456 726 685



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