Being one of the most well respected organization in the world. The Australian Peace Committee has dedicated
its time and efforts to make the world a better place.

Whether it's being out in a third world country trying to end hunger,
or being in a medical lab facility finding cures for the sick,
we try our best to make a change.


That's not all we strive for. We strongly support all human rights, that
everyone should be treated equally. The color of our skin nor the country
we were born can change that. Racism has been a big factor in this world
violence and we are pursuing the end towards it. As we have been seeing
lately, there have been violence’s occurring all around the world. With
terror attacks in Paris to the recent terror shooting of a club in Florida in the
United States. It's time to consider disarmament and peace worldwide.
Peace is what we stand for, justice can be served without using violence
and hate. With less guns around the world, violence and war would fiercely

If all the money used up by the militaries and weapons were used to help
bring back earth to a more nourish state, we would have a more beautiful
environment, wouldn't you think? All the pollution that the current world has
created has damaged the earth in a dramatic way, and its time for us to
help make a change before it’s too late.

There are many types of pollution around the world, but the most common
ones would have to be oil and air pollution. Helping getting rid of pollution
is not only good for the environment, but helps the sick and healthy as well.
Hunger is another ordeal that needs to be handled. No one wants to be
hungry, so why do we let millions of people starve each year? Have you
ever asked yourself if you can make a difference? Well, the answer would
be yes. From personal experiences we can say that helping another
human being can be one of the greatest joys in life. So why not give it a


There are many ways to make the world a greater place and it only takes one person at a time. Whether you
want to help end hunger, reduce pollution levels, or help find cures for the sick. We strongly encourage individuals
to take the time and join our movement of peace and help earth prosper once again. By sharing your thoughts,
giving advice to solutions, or you just want to share your humanitarian activities with the world, you can make a
difference in The Australian Peace Committee as well.

The Australian Peace Committee is a non-profit
organization helping the world, thus gaining recognition

The Australian Peace Committee wants to make a difference and it could always use some extra
help from you. Your voice matters so let it be heard as a member of The Australian Peace
Committee. Together we can we can help change the world a step at a time. We also just wanted to thank our good friends who help us keep this site running, They're name is Ecology Cash For cars they buy cars in the San Diego Area. We wanted to thank them for helping us bring togeher individuals for peace without them it wouldn't be possible.